The Best Golf Impact Screens for 2020

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The Best Golf Impact Screens for 2020

The Best Golf Impact Screens for 2020

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Choosing the right golf simulator screen is one of the most complicated decisions you will need to make in setting up your home golf simulator.  The best golf impact screen for one golfer might not be the best golf impact screen for the next golf. Lets look at how golf impact screens are made, installed and what features are best for your home golf simulator application.

1) Golf Impact Screen Material. When you are hitting a golf ball 100 plus mph into a golf screen, you want to make sure its durable and can take the impact of a golf ball. Our 2 main golf imapct screen materials, poly and supertex are made right here in the USA. Beware of cheap chinese golf impact screens. They are cheap and trust me, you get what you pay for. We have tested these chinese golf screens and have put a hole in them after only a few shots. They claim to have a warranty on their golf screens. The problem is you have to send it vback to china to get a refund or replacement. It will cost you more to ship it back than the actual cost of the golf impact screen. Our golf screens are made on a 12 ft wide machine that have hundreds of threads lined up and the thread density is extremely high. This assures you that you are getting the strongest golf screen material available.

1) Poly is our commercial grade material. It is designed for a commercial golf simulator or for someone who hits a ton of balls. This golf simulator screen material does has a slight grain to it. Image is not quite as crisp as supertex. Ball bounce back is better, since the poly golf screen material does have a little stretch to it. If you have a higher swing speed, we recommend poly for your golf impact screen.

2) Supertex is our residential golf impact screen material. 80% of home golf simulator purchasers buy the supertex. The image on this golf impact screen is HD and outstanding.

3) Poly Spacer golf impact screen material. We just got this new golf impact screen material in. Its a 3mm thick screen that has a cushion in between the poly layers. Think of this golf screen as a quilt. Its about 2 times as thick as our standard poly golf screen. This golf screen combines the durability , low sound, minimum bounce back and great HD image. Its extremely durable and very expensive. Its the ultimate golf impact screen.

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When selecting a golf impact screen, look at image quality, bounce back, sound, and durabilty. has the perfect golf simulator screen for your home golf simulator.

Golf Impact Screen Construction. There are a few ways to attach your golf screen.

1) Grommets. We are not a big fan in using grommets in your golf screen. No matter how strong the grommet is, it will eventually pull out or tear. The golf screen material is not designed to maintain the tension on a grommet. Most will end up ripping out or come loose. We can make golf screens with grommets. As a matter of fact, our new pro series golf enclosures use a golf  screens with  grommets on the top of the golf frame. But there are so many and no tension is added.

2) Velcro. We can sew velcro into any of our golf impact screens. We can do 1-4 inch velcro to attach our golf screens to your golf cage. None of our golf screens incorporate velcro, but we have one retrofits for other manufacturers like HD golf, Trugolf and Full Swing Golf

3) Golf Impact Screen sleeve Attachment. This is our #1 way to secure our golf screen to a golf enclosure. We triple hem a sleeve into all 4 sides of the golf screen. Then we put slits on each side. A pvc pipe slides into the sleeves and a 3/4 straps slides into the slit and wraps around the pvc in the golf screen sleeve. This does 2 things. 1) it takes the tension of off the fabric and puts it on the pvc and 2) it creates a nice smooth edge around the golf screen.  Plus the straps are 100% adjustable, so you can increase or decrease the tension of your golf impact screen.

Alway add a golf pad behind your golf screen to help with durability and bounce back.

As always, we can help you choose the best golf impact screen to fit your golf simulator application. Just send us your dimensions and specs and let us design the perfect golf screen for your home golf simulator. Contact us at or visit us at

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