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Optishot Vision- 1st Look



Optishot Vision is the latest addition to the optishot golf simulator family. Optishot Vision is a 3 camera overhead golf simulator system that eliminates the need for floor sensors. With Optishot vision, the golfer is not restricted on the set spot to place the ball. In addition, you can hit of off a variety of different turfs with the  Optishot Vision.  No need to build a base to raise the mats level with the golf simulator sensor. With Optishot Vision you can hit off of any mat. The Optishot Vision overhead sensor mounts approx 9-11 ft high and is connected to the computer with 5 cables. 2 are power cords and 3 connect the optishot vision cameras. The Optishot Vision sensor weighs approx 20lb and mounts with 4 bolts. In addition there are 3 halogen lights on the Optishot vision sensor. These point directly down onto the hitting area.  The Optishot vision can mount to a golf simulator frame or ceiling, depending on your application. Distance to screen is not restricted like other golf simulators. Typically its in the 9-11 ft range. Computer connections with the Optishot vision include  1 ethernet and 2 usb 3.0 connections.  When you purchase the Optishot vision from us, we highly recommend  you purchase the computer as well. We pre load and setup the entire computer with all of  the Optishot vision software and drivers. That way, when you get it all of the Optishot vision features and courses are ready to go.  Remote support is available thru teamviewer on the Optishot vision.


Now lets play golf with the Optishot vision golf simulator! Once you power up the sensors and computer, you will see a bunch of small red lights on  the front part of the Optishot vision sensor. This box holds the 2 front high speed cameras. On the back of the Optishot vision sensor is an external camera and right behind that is 2 smaller halogen lights and a larger halogen light in the middle. To use the Optishot vision, you just place the ball in the ” kill box “, a green box on the bottom of the screen will tell you the ball is placed correctly.

Optishot vision comes with 65 world famous golf courses all in stunning ultra HD imaging and 3 driving ranges.  What really separates Optishot vision from the competition is real time ball tracking. After every swing, with the Optishot vision, you will see an actually real time video of your club striking the ball. In addition you will get complete ball and club data with the  Optishot vision. To get this amount of club and ball data with actual real time video, you would need to spend 25-40K . With the Optishot vision, its only 9100.00.

Here is the data you get with the Optishot Vision:



Shot distance

Side Spin

Back Spin

Ball Speed

Club Speed

Smash factor

Launch angle

Face angle

attack angle

In addition, there is no shot delay with the Optishot vision. You can play a round of golf with up to 8 players . Swing video, shot history, and club fitting data is also available  with the Optishot vision.


With Optishot vision, you get complete ball and club data including swing path, face andle and whether you fade or draw the ball. See the screen shot above.

optishot golf

Checkout all the swing data you get with the optishot golf simulator


Several Golf simulator manufacturers have launched a overhead camera golf simulator. Some are 2 camera system that mount 48-55″ behind the golfer. These include Uneekor and Bravo golf. MSRP on these range for 7-9k. The 3 camera golf simulators include Optishot Vision, Trugolf Truflight and Foresight GCHawk. 3 cameras are alway better than 2, but that comes with a price. GCHawk retails for 18k without any software. Tack on another 3k for software and 5 courses. Truflight is sold in a package that retails for over 30k. The software is E6 connect and is subscription based. Which means you are writing a check every year ( 300-600 dollars, ouch ) . Optishot Vision is 1/2 the cost at 9100 and includes all the software for life. Comes with 75 courses and 3 driving ranges. No subscription fees!. Take the 9k you just saved and join a country club!.

Optishot golf’s new Vision is available at golfsimulatorsite.com. Stay tuned for more data on the Optishot Vision and Optishot ballflight.

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