The Beginner’s Guide to Golf Simulator  Screens.

The main purpose of a golf  simulator screen is to take the impact of an actual golf ball and display a high quality HD image from your computer, cable box or projector. The golf simulator screen should be designed to fit your exact space requirements and golf  frame design. Spectrum Golf is going to give you a quick run down on how to set up your golf simulator screen to meet your requirements.


Golf Simulator  Screen Construction.


All of our golf simulator screen material is made right here in the USA. We are able to control the quality and consistency of the golf simulator screen material to make sure it exceeds specifications. spectrum golf then brings in the rolls of golf simulator screen material to their warehouse, where they can begin the cutting process. As a smaller company, Spectrum Golf is able to design and manufacture custom size golf simulator screen to fit your exact specifications. We can manufacture any length  and up to 108 inches wide. We sew all of our golf  simulator screens in house. We start with a 1 inch black reinforced webbing and triple hem it in each side of the golf impact screen. This makes our golf impact screens some of the strongest on the golf screen market. For added durability, we sew sleeves into our golf simulator screens. This allows us to insert a 3/4-1 inch pvc pipe into the golf simulator screen. The purpose of the pvc pipe is to create a nice smooth border around the golf  simulator screen and take the tension off of  the golf simulator screen material when you pull the golf simulator screen tight. In addition, we do not use ball bungees or nylon ties to install our golf simulator screens, we use 1 inch webbing with  adjustable straps. This strap allows you to increase and decrease the tension of the golf simulator screen. If you are getting too much ball bounce back, then just loosen, if you want to watch a movie, then you can tighten to remove any wrinkles or waves in your golf simulator screen.

Golf Simulator  Screen Material.

Spectrum Golf has two types of golf simulator screen material. Supertex and Poly. Our Supertex golf screen material has the highest quality HD image and can take a real golf ball. This golf  simulator screen material is our residential version and is suitable for most indoor golf simulator  applications. For commercial applications, we recommend our poly golf simulator  screen material.  The poly material does have a slight grain to it, so the image is not quite as crisp. If you hit a lot of balls, poly golf simulator screen material might be the way to go.

Golf Simulator Screen Design 

In addition to our standard sleeve golf simulator screen, we have several other golf simulator screen designs to meet your specific application.

Hanging Golf Simulator Screen.

We have a golf  simulator screen with sleeves on top and bottom that run all the way through. The sides of the golf impact screen are hemmed . This golf simulator screen design allows a conduit pipe through the top and bottom. We then have 4 inch end cap on each end with a eyehook to hang a chain from. We can sewn in straps on the sides as an option. The standard sizes for these hanging golf simulator screens are 120 x 108 and 144 x 108.

Knotched Golf Simulator Screen.

We have a golf screen frame kit that  allows us to wrap the golf simulator screen around the entire frame. This golf screen frame is only 14 inches deep and can be up to 105 inches tall and any width. The golf simulator screen wraps around the front of the golf frame and attaches to the back with adjustable straps. Standard size of this golf simulator screen is 120 x 105.

Sewn-in Strap Golf Simulator Screen

For smaller applications ( 8 ft and under ), we have a golf simulator screen with 4 adjustable straps sewn in on each side. This is a great golf simulator screen for temporary applications or on a setup that needs to be moved often.

Golf Simulator Screen Conclusion

No matter what your application is or what size space you have, Spectrum Golf can make and design a golf simulator screen to meet your needs. All of our golf simulator screens are made  in the USA and carry a limited 6 month warranty. Stay tune for our next article on golf screen frames.



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