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P3Proswing features 65 optical sensors-Built in turf top-20 standard courses. 

P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software reads your golf swing and gives you an instant report. After every shot, the P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software precisely measures key metrics of your swing, such as swing path, club face angle and club sweet spot and instantly displays them on the computer screen. This analysis is presented in both text and graphical form, which makes understanding your swing dynamics easier. The P3ProSwing golf swing analysis software allows you to play the 18-Hole Highlands National Golf Course or the Desert Dunes 18 Hole Virtual Golf Course and to have every one of your strokes analyzed! All P3ProSwing golf packages regardless of price include dynamic swing analysis so just pick the right P3ProSwing package that is right for you.

With the advances in technology, P3Proswing is able to provide you with a golf simulator that rivals those of up to 25 times the cost. P3Proswing all starts with a durable sensor pad (made of 70 durometer rubber) that features 65 infrared sensors which reflect light off of your clubs and back into the golf  sensor – providing detailed information about your swing. You’ll also find the grass cover has a 70 durometer polyurethane base. This sensor pad connects to your computer and is interpreted by our P3Proswing  simulator and analytics software. P3Proswing technology has been developed over many years and has been calibrated to actual usage and other high-end golf simulators & analyzers.

Why Club Taping on the P3Proswing is important:

Club Taping is an important part of the P3Proswing golf  system. This is the reason the P3Proswing is the most accurate golf simulator on the market. For starters, it give a smooth area for the golf sensor to record its data from. The spacing also allows you to swing freely and impact the sensor unit without worrying about catching your golf club on the optical slots because they’re too close to the ball. When the tape is applied properly, the gap between the front of your club and the patented white reflective strip match up perfectly so the data is acquired directly at impact.

Proper Club Taping for the P3proswing

Taping your club to be accurately read by the P3Proswing is not a difficult or time-consuming task. When done properly, you will achieve 99.9% accuracy on your swing measurement data, and the ball flight that you see on the screen will be most representative of your swing. There are 2 different methods of taping your clubs to fit every budget.

The P3proswing is the benchmark of golf simulators and provides the best swing analytics on the market! Find the same analytics that the teaching pros use to help you improve your game. The P3proswing has some of the most extensive analytics available today – you can measure/calculate:

Hit Distance

Carry Distance

Left/Right of Center

Up/Down Swing Path (Angle of Attack)

Swing Path Angle (left/right)

Club Face Angle

Toe/Heel Height

Swing Tempo

Impact Spot

Club head Speed

Video Analysis of Front and Side Body/Arm Positions

Launch Angle of the ball


The P3ProSwing is a leading instructional  golf simulator, giving highly accurate analysis of your club before, at and after impact with the ball. Used with any club in your bag, the P3ProSwing is a complete swing analysis  golf system for golfers of all levels. Best of all, the P3ProSwing evolves into an advanced Golf Simulator, including multiple course play with the P3ProSwing Virtual Course Packs.

P3ProSwing analyzer consists of a 9″ x 14″ high tech sensing platform and software program that measures and captures the information from 65 optical elements to create an instant visual representation of your swing data. The P3ProSwing provides a full range of data  to help you understand the mechanics of your club through your swing and the resulting ball fligh calculations. You will receive dynamic swing analysis that will give you an accurate, objective, and scientific analysis of each swing that you take whether on the driving range or the back nine.

Dynamic Swing Analysis measures:

  • Club face angle
  • Swing path
  • Angle of attack
  • Swing tempo
  • Toe and heel height
  • Sweet spot deviation
  • Club head speed
  • Distance
  • Right and Left of Path

P3ProSwing offers 20 golf courses to play!

The P3ProSwing virtual golf courses are modeled after real world golf courses from around the world. Each course features P3ProSwing Golf Swing Analysis on each golf stroke. Use any club in your bag and drive it, chip it, putt it – and get great accuracy on each shot. You get total golf entertainment, and also game improvement. All P3ProSwing packages include two 18-Hole custom designed virtual golf courses, Highlands National and Desert Dunes.

There are many Golf Simulators on the market, but none are quite like the P3ProSwing Golf  system.  The P3ProSwing Golf Simulator is unique in that it tracks your golf club’s motion instead of tracking the golf ball.  Why is this important?  There’s only one thing between you and the perfect shot – your golf swing.

With the P3ProSwing club taping system, you can get data that is 99.9% accurate.  When it comes to improving your swing, this is invaluable information for you, the golfer behind the golf club.

P3ProSwing’s  golf patented technology allows us to be the most accurate Golf Simulator  on the market.  65 infrared optics, embedded in the durable grass top surface of the P3Proswing Golf Sensor , read information from every club swing no matter what club you use or at what speed you swing at.  These infrared optics turn on when you swing, over the sensor, and the detectors will detect the reflection from the club or reflective tape as soon as it passes over them.  The sheer number of optics and detectors on the P3proswing  allows the system to have exceptionally good swing data before, at, and after impact with the golf ball.  All of this swing data is computed and displayed in a golfer user friendly console within the P3Proswing software.  This is the data that you see on your impact screen, TV, or monitor.

P3ProSwing’s Golf Simulator  track your golf club, not the ball, as it moves over the sensor so you know exactly what your club is doing and how to adjust to improve your swing, every time.  You will be able to see data like your club head speed, club head face angle, club path, toe and heel height, and much more.  Get to the root of improving your game by improving your swing year round in your own Indoor Golf Simulator  enclosure.

If you want something for swing improvement at an unbeatable price point, the P3ProSwing golf simulator is it.

Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator
Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator
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