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Optishot vs P3Proswing

Lets highlight the basic information on the Optishot and the P3proswing. The optishot sells for 299 and comes with virtual driving range and 15 courses. The P3proswing sells for 999 and comes with 20 courses. 

First let me highlight the Optishot. 

Optishot is our most popular golf simulator. It utilizes a 16 sensor mat that tracks the golf ball only. Its is extremely easy to install, setup and operate. It is the most user friendly golf simulation unit we sell. Graphics are fantastic,  game play is smooth and course variety is always expanding. Comes with 15 virtual courses and driving range. Premium golf courses for the optishot golf simulator run around 30  each. Disadvantages are the hard fiberglass sensor pad ( dont worry, we have the solution ) ,  not quite as accurate as some of the other indoor golf simulators, and the turf top is a little thin ( especially if you have a steep swing ). We do carry a thicker turf top.  If you are new to golf simulators and want a great entry golf simulation system, Optishot is the way to go. It will provide hours of indoor golf fun and entertainment. Optishot now has online game play and tournaments.

P3Proswing golf simulator 

P3Proswing is our least popular golf simulator. P3proswing  costs about 3 times more than the Optishot golf simulator. It utilizes a 65 sensor mat that is made of hardened rubber with a steel frame. The 65 sensors makes P3proswing extremely accurate and a great  golf simulator training aid.  P3Proswing now comes with a built in plush turf top. If you damage it , it will cost you about 400 dollars to have it replaced.  P3proswing comes with 20 courses, and driving range. New  is On-Line game play and tournaments. Now you can play virtual golf anywhere in the world!

P3proswing requires two  golf simulator programs to run, so its a little less user friendly than Optishot. P3proswing golf simulator requires you to put special tape on your wood and putter. Which for some is a real pain and added expense. The golf simulator software is older and the graphics are not up to par with some of the other golf simulators. Overall  game play and swing analysis are very good. A great golf simulator for someone who really wants to work on their swing mechanics and play great golf courses. 


If you are more into playing courses than analyzing your swing and just want to have fun on a golf simulator, Optishot is for you. If you want more feedback on your swing and  accuracy, then P3proswing is your choice for a golf simulator. With either Optishot or P3proswing, you will have years of enjoyment playing indoor golf.

Golf Simulator Optishot P3Proswing
# of sensors 16 65
Turf Top Velcro. can be upgraded to thicker top Sewn In- Best
#of Courses 15 20
Graphics Better- Ultra 4K Good-older technology
Tape Required No tape required Tape required on woods/putter
Popularity Most popular golf simulator Least popular golf simulator
Retail Price 299.95 995.95
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