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What Are The Best Golf Simulators of 2020?


With over 10 years experience in the golf simulator industry, Spectrum Golf breaks down the best golf simulators for 2020.  Keep in mind, what is  best for one golfer, may not be the best for you. We are here to help you decide which is the best home golf simulator to fill your needs.

Here are some factors to consider before purchasing your home golf simulator.

BUDGET– If you have the money to buy a mustang, you are not looking at porsches! Home golf simulators can range from 300 to 30,000 dollars. Make sure you budget funds for the golf cage, golf screen, mat and all the electronics. We have complete packages available that will save you a bunch of money over buying all the components separate.

SPACE– Take some basic measurements of the room you want to install the golf simulator in ( LxWxH ) . We can provide you with a free layout and some ideas on how to best install your golf simulator. Each golf simulator might have space resctrictions.

DATA– Some golf simulators provide club data, some provide ball data and some provide both. Ask your self if you are more interested in working on your swing or playing courses? Some golf simulators are more technical and other are more geared towards playing a wide variety of courses.

GOLF CAGE– Do you want a full cage where you are hitting inside the golf cage or do you want some a little less intrusive. Is the room going to be used as a home theater or another use? Spectrum Golf can provide a number of options in golf enclosures.

GOLF SIMULATOR SCREENS- All of our golf simulator screens are of the highest quality and can take a real golf ball. Some golf screens are more designed to double as a home theater with a great HD image. Some Golf simulator screens are more commercial grade and designed to take alot go golf balls. Checkout the newest golf simulator screen materil. The poly spacer, The poly spacer golf screen is a layered ( quilted ) golf screen that lessens noise, bounceback and still provides an oustanding HD image.



optishot 2 golf simulator

For those just starting out with a golf simulator or are on a limited budget, optishot 2 golf simulator is the way to go.  Optishot 2 works off of a 16 sensor mat that you hit off of. The sensors pick up all of your club data . You can hit any shot in your bag from 300 yd drives to 12″ putts. The game play is smooth, the graphics are top knotch and it comes with a 6 target driving range. You can even play online with the optishot.

A lot of our customers will start out with the optishot , then upgrade down the road. We will even take your optishot in as trade in . In our experience accuracy is +/-5%. If you play a fade or draw, optishot will show it.  It doesnt give you any ball data, but will tell you total distance. Be sure to checkout our optishot padded mat. 3 times as thick as stock top. Optishot 2 retails for 299 and ours comes with 3 free courses ( 90 dollars value ). Click here to learn more.

Click here to learn more about Optishot golf. 


Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator

Back in 2014, skytrak introduced their portable golf launch monitor. It compared to the high end golf launch monitors costing 10-12K.

Skytrak golf is a portable unit that just its in front of the ball. Skytrak uses photometric imaging and high speed cameras to capture images right after impact. Data includes distance, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, ball spin , side spin and side angle. Before Skytrak came along, you had to spend 1000’s more to get that data. Sktrak will not give you any club data. It will show hooks, fades and draws, but determines this thru ball data. All the software for the skytrak is subscription based. TGC, WGT and E6 are available. TGC comes with over 150k courses to play! There have been numerous comparisons done against GC2 and Trackman and Skytrak is within 1-2%. Extremely accurate. Another huge advantage of Skytrak is its portability. You can take it to the range or course and hook it up to your ipad.  At less than 2000 dollars Skytrak is the best launch monitor for the money.

Click here to learn more about Skytrak golf.


protee golf simulator

Protee golf is my personal favorite home golf simulator. It uses a 101 sensor mat with a plush built in fiberbuilt top. Plus you can add up to 2 high speed cameras to measure ball spin rate and launch angle. For the money, no one gives you as much data as the Protee golf simulator. 17 different swing factors on every shot including  clubhead speed, launch angle, ball spin rate, club path and much more . Protee golf will show hooks, fades, slices and draws, just like outside. combining 101 sensors with 2 high speed camera makes protee tough to beat. Most golf simulator companies are now charging subscriptions and outrageous amounts of money for their golf simulator software, not Protee. You get the TGC software with online gameplay/tournaments and over 150,000 golf courses! Nothing else to buy! Compare Protee to Trugolf Trutrack. Trugolf uses 30 sensors and 3 microphones to pick up the noise from the ball hitting the screen. Trugolf now charges a yearly subscription fee just to use their E6 software. This can run 300-900 dollars a year for E6. Better to use that money to take a well deserved golf trip!

Click here to learn more about Protee golf simulators



Several golf simulator companies have come out with an overhead camera based golf simulator and Optishot Golf is in the forefront of this newest technology. Imagine being able to just drop a golf ball and swing away, without having to worry about damaging floor sensors, creating shadows, or having to move a launch monitor for a LH player. The Optishot Vision is designed to sit 10-11 ft above the golfer and provide complete ball and club data for both right and left handed golfers. The optishot vision will also provide real time video of your ball at impact. Best of all, The optishot vision includes all the software you will need. 70+ golf courses and practice area are included with no subscriptions fees. If optishot golf launches a new course, you get it for free! With the Optishot Vision, you get a 3 camera system for added accuracy. Most overhead golf simulators in this price range only have 2 cameras. Foresight GCHawk and Trugolf Truflight 2 are both over 18,000 for their 3 camera setup. Optishot Vision is 9100.00.

Click here to learn more about the Optishot Vision  


bravo golf sensor

Bravo Golf is a 2 camera over head golf simulator. The unit sits about 10 ft high and is about 3 ft behind the golfer.  The unit easily mount to a golf frame or ceiling . The cameras are adjusted with simple dials on the housing. The bravo golf unit weighs less than 15 lbs.  At a retail price of less than 7000 dollars, Bravo golf packs a lot of features found in golf simulators costing 15-20K. Bravo golf is a Korean company and a division of Game Space. Game Space has been in the golf simulator business for 15 plus years and hold several golf simulator technology patents. The bravo golf unit provides  both ball and club data, 70+ courses including augusta, 3 driving ranges and real time video of your ball at impact. This indoor golf simulator does not require any subscription and is extremely easy to setup. Bravo Golf is working on an integration with TGC in the 1st quarter of 2020.  Bravo Golf doesn’t require any ball markings like its main competitor, Uneekor.

Click here to learn more about the Bravo golf simulator


gc2 and gcquad

Foresight GC2 is considered the gold standard of golf launch monitors. This golf launch monitor is portable, wireless and has an easy to read LCD display built right into the unit. GC2 uses 2 high speed cameras to take images of the ball and provide complete ball data from ball speed, to launcgh angle to ball spin rate. The GC2 has been used by pga pros and instructors. Accuracy does come at a price. The Base GC2 unit retails for over 6000 dollars and this does not include any software. Tack on another 3000 for FSX2018 golf simulator software with 5 courses. If you want club data in addition to the ball data, you need the HMT module ( simply attaches to the GC2 unit ) for another 6000. So you can easily be over 15000 for everything. If you want the best, you will have to fork over some cash.

Click here to learn more about the GC2 by Foresight Sports.


optishot ballflight launch monitor

Optishot Ballflight is Optishot Golf’s answer to the GC2. Optishot Ballflight is the first golf launch monitor to feature trio tracking technology. It combines high speed cameras, IR and Radar to measure ball data. Optishot Ballflight measures Total Distance, Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Backspin, Distance,  Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle and Club Speed. Optishot does provide marked callaway balls. Since this is a fairly new venture for optishot, the software is limited to a driving range and 12 courses. Easy to setup and calibrate. This golf launch monitor will pick up any shot in your bag from drives to putts.  The optishot ballflight unit is constructed of an all metal frame and adjustable base.

 Click here to learn more about the Ball Flight by Optishot Golf.


There are so many outstanding choices in the home golf simulator market. Portable golf launch monitors like Skytrak Golf , Foresight GC2 and Optishot Ballflight allow golfers to analyze their swing indoors or out on the range. The new Bravo golf and Optishot Vision  utilize the latest advancements in camera technology to bring you a truly realistic indoor golf experience. Optishot golf and Protee are outstanding values in indoor golf simulators. To find out which is the best home golf simulator for you, give us a call at 336-342-5592 or email us at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail.com. We are the experts in custom home golf simulators.

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The Best Golf Impact Screens for 2020 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/2019/10/11/the-best-golf-impact-screens-for-2020/ Fri, 11 Oct 2019 20:10:02 +0000 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/?p=1363

The Best Golf Impact Screens for 2020

new golf simulator screen

Choosing the right golf simulator screen is one of the most complicated decisions you will need to make in setting up your home golf simulator.  The best golf impact screen for one golfer might not be the best golf impact screen for the next golf. Lets look at how golf impact screens are made, installed and what features are best for your home golf simulator application.

1) Golf Impact Screen Material. When you are hitting a golf ball 100 plus mph into a golf screen, you want to make sure its durable and can take the impact of a golf ball. Our 2 main golf imapct screen materials, poly and supertex are made right here in the USA. Beware of cheap chinese golf impact screens. They are cheap and trust me, you get what you pay for. We have tested these chinese golf screens and have put a hole in them after only a few shots. They claim to have a warranty on their golf screens. The problem is you have to send it vback to china to get a refund or replacement. It will cost you more to ship it back than the actual cost of the golf impact screen. Our golf screens are made on a 12 ft wide machine that have hundreds of threads lined up and the thread density is extremely high. This assures you that you are getting the strongest golf screen material available.

1) Poly is our commercial grade material. It is designed for a commercial golf simulator or for someone who hits a ton of balls. This golf simulator screen material does has a slight grain to it. Image is not quite as crisp as supertex. Ball bounce back is better, since the poly golf screen material does have a little stretch to it. If you have a higher swing speed, we recommend poly for your golf impact screen.

2) Supertex is our residential golf impact screen material. 80% of home golf simulator purchasers buy the supertex. The image on this golf impact screen is HD and outstanding.

3) Poly Spacer golf impact screen material. We just got this new golf impact screen material in. Its a 3mm thick screen that has a cushion in between the poly layers. Think of this golf screen as a quilt. Its about 2 times as thick as our standard poly golf screen. This golf screen combines the durability , low sound, minimum bounce back and great HD image. Its extremely durable and very expensive. Its the ultimate golf impact screen.

golf impact screen

When selecting a golf impact screen, look at image quality, bounce back, sound, and durabilty. Golfsimulatorsite.com has the perfect golf simulator screen for your home golf simulator.

Golf Impact Screen Construction. There are a few ways to attach your golf screen.

1) Grommets. We are not a big fan in using grommets in your golf screen. No matter how strong the grommet is, it will eventually pull out or tear. The golf screen material is not designed to maintain the tension on a grommet. Most will end up ripping out or come loose. We can make golf screens with grommets. As a matter of fact, our new pro series golf enclosures use a golf  screens with  grommets on the top of the golf frame. But there are so many and no tension is added.

2) Velcro. We can sew velcro into any of our golf impact screens. We can do 1-4 inch velcro to attach our golf screens to your golf cage. None of our golf screens incorporate velcro, but we have one retrofits for other manufacturers like HD golf, Trugolf and Full Swing Golf

3) Golf Impact Screen sleeve Attachment. This is our #1 way to secure our golf screen to a golf enclosure. We triple hem a sleeve into all 4 sides of the golf screen. Then we put slits on each side. A pvc pipe slides into the sleeves and a 3/4 straps slides into the slit and wraps around the pvc in the golf screen sleeve. This does 2 things. 1) it takes the tension of off the fabric and puts it on the pvc and 2) it creates a nice smooth edge around the golf screen.  Plus the straps are 100% adjustable, so you can increase or decrease the tension of your golf impact screen.

As always, we can help you choose the best golf impact screen to fit your golf simulator application. Just send us your dimensions and specs and let us design the perfect golf screen for your home golf simulator. Contact us at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail.com or visit us at golfsimulatorsite.com

Beginner’s Guide to Optishot 2 Golf Simulator https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/2019/10/11/beginners-guide-to-optishot-2-golf-simulator/ Fri, 11 Oct 2019 18:06:56 +0000 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/?p=1355

Optishot 2 Home Golf Simulator Guide

 optishot 2 golf simulator

Do you try to get out to grab a game of golf whenever you can? Visit the driving range several times a week to practice? Have a lot of golf games you play at home but are dissatisfied with them? You might want to take a closer look at a home golf simulator like OptiShot Golf ! With this in your home, you can get practice, improve your swing, play a game, from the warmth and comfort of home. Rain, snow, no longer can prevent you from indulging in your golfing passion. OptiShot 2 indoor golf simulator is one of the most popular options due to its great features. Here is a look at what those features are and what owners love about it.

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

When you buy this home golf simulator you get;

  • Software and updates are always free!
  • Foam practice balls x 2
  • Swing pad with infrared optical as well as extra turf for when it needs replacing
  • 10 feet of USB cabling plus an additional 15 feet of extension cable
  • Warranty of one year
  • Instructions on setting up and a start-up guide
  • Rubber tees that are adjustable
  • Popular real golf courses including Long Island Black, Golf Club Scottsdale and more
  • Connect to a projector or a HDTV

optishot golf

The review of the optishot golf simulator.

The Optishot 2 golf simulator is a 299 home golf simulator. It features 16 sensors that pick up the club only at impact and after impact. For the price point, the  Optishot 2 golf simulator is pretty accurate. If you fade the ball by coming outside in and leaving the face open, the optishot 2 is going to show it. The graphics are great, gameplay is smooth, and distances are fairly accurate. If you want a entry level golf simulator, optishot 2 is the way to go. Be sure and get the padded optishot 2 mat from golfsimulatorsite.com. It will save your wrists!

What golfers love about the OptiShot 2 golf  simulator

There is a lot to really appreciate about this indoor golf simulator. It is very easy to install and set up so you can be playing and enjoying it a lot more quickly than you might expect. The optishot golf instructions that come with it are clear and easy to follow so anyone can manage it. You can  use the foam balls included, or you can use your golf balls or you can even play with no ball at all. This means it is portable, you can practice in the office, in a hotel room and so on. You just need somewhere with the space to swing the golf club.

The infrared sensors o the optishot golf simulator  used report back very accurate data and among the information will be things like what the point of contact was and what your clubhead speed was. Course layouts look great and you can find popular courses from around the world you might have dreamed of playing but will never get there. With OptiShot 2 you can better work on your swing, shots and iron conditioning, play in tournaments with people around the world and chose from different game modes depending on what you feel like.

Optishot Golf Conclusion

Indoor golf simulators are incredibly popular and thanks to advances in technology have made huge improvements. When looking at all the options the OptiShot 2 golf simulator is definitely one to look more closely at if you are looking for something reliable at the lower end of the price range (price averages at $299). Checkout golfsimulatorsite.com for more info

Beginners Guide to Golf Launch Monitors https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/2019/10/11/beginners-guide-to-golf-launch-monitors/ Fri, 11 Oct 2019 17:48:32 +0000 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/?p=1351

A Look at the Top Golf Launch Monitors

optishot ballflight launch monitor

For players wanting to improve their golf game, the best purchase you can make for your indoor golf simulator is a personal launch monitor. Whatever the season or weather you can keep practicing and keep improving with a top golf launch monitor. There are many options out there, some stationary, some portable and at various price ranges too. Here is a list with a launch monitor to suit every need of the top launch monitors to date.

Covered in the article will be;

  • The top portable launch monitor
  • The top professional launch monitor
  • The top personal home launch monitor
  • The top affordable launch monitor

Top portable launch monitor

When you are looking for a portable launch monitor  one of the standouts is Skytrak Golf . It is a great option for when you want to get a better insight into ball data and being small in size it is something you can easily carry around, in your golf  bag, or car  for example. The skytrak launch monitor features include;

  • Accurate readings
  • Lightweight
  • Radar sensors
  • Practice modes
  • golf course play
  • Data on ball spin rate, ball distance and ball speed

The skytrak golf monitor retails for 2000. The skytrak golf comes with the basic driving range. If you want to add golf course software, its is mostly subscription based. We strongly recommend the TGC software with over 150,000 courses. Skytrak golf is the perfect entry levle golf launch monitor.


Top professional launch monitor

Foresight Sports GC2 Golf launch monitor stands out as the best golf launch monitor for professional golfers and those very serious about the game. Some of the top golfers have used this golf launch monitor to train on because of its ball feedback and top accuracy. That is because it has been specifically made for professional golfers. Features include;

  • Accurate ball data including speed, angle, spin, carry and a lot more
  • Built-in display
  • A wide selection of software can be additionally purchased starting at 3000.


Foresight GC2 can get expensive. Retail is 8500 and that is without any software. The software can run 3-5k depending on the number of golf courses you want. If you want club tracking, you need to buy the GC2 module for another 4k. With the Foresight GC2, you can easily spent 12-15k.

Top personal home launch monitor

Golfing enthusiasts are very positive about the new Optishot Ball Flight golf launch monitor. Optishot Ballflight  offers trio tracking technolgy featuring high speed camera, IR and radar to track the club and ball. This is the only golf launch monitor to feature all three.  Players consider it a best golf launch monitor with features such as;

  • Great accuracy
  • Actual real time video of your club impacting the ball
  • Club and ball data at 1/2 the price of other golf launch monitors
  • Total Distance, Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Back Spin, Distance, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Club Speed

Optishot Ball Flight retails for 5995 and offers alot of the feature the higher end systems provide at a fraction of the cost.

Top affordable launch monitor

There are some very high tech and pricey options when it comes to home golf simulators and preferred golf launch monitors. To choose the righ golf launch monitor, you need to look at several factors

1) Budget. Can range from 2000 on a skytrak golf launch monitor to 18-25K for a Trackman golf launch monitor

2) Are you looking for more ball analysis with your golf launch monitor or do you want to be able to play golf courses with your friends?

3) Is ball or club data more important to you . Most golf launch monitors measure ball and then calculate the club data based on what the ball does. Most home golf simulator systems measure the club and then calculate ball data. Keep in mind that both golf simulators will show slices, fades, hooks and draws. They just measure them different ways .


The launch monitor that is best for you depends on what you can afford, what you are aiming for, and what data you want from it. There is a best golf launch monitor for everyone! Contact us at golfsimulatorsite.com for the best option for you on golf launch monitors

Bravo Golf. 2 Camera Overhead System https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/2019/10/10/bravo-golf-2-camera-overhead-system/ Thu, 10 Oct 2019 14:57:24 +0000 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/?p=1347

The Bravo Golf Simulator uses a 2 high speed camera overhead golf simulator system.

No more hitting off of a sensor mat. Allows you the freedom to drop the ball and swing away!

bravo golf sensor

The Bravo Golf Simulator sensor features 3-dimensional tracking of ball flight, enabling players to measure their shots with 99.9% accuracy. The Bravo golf   sensors track ball speed, club speed, trajectory, azimuth, back spin, and side spin allowing players to enjoy a realistic golf experience, as well as to analyze and improve different parts of their golf swing and game . After every swing, the bravo golf simulator  provides a real time video of your club impacting the ball. Golfers can also utilize one or two cameras on the bravo golf simulator  to check their swing data  using a swing replay function, which lets them analyze their swing from multiple angles and compare it to that of a professional golfer.

The bravo golf simulator mounts overhead at 9-10 ft and 5-6 ft behind the ball. The bravo golf sensor can easily be mounted to a golf cage or ceiling. A halogen light is also required at 1 meter behind the ball. The  bravo golf sensor connects with 2 ethernet cables and a power cable. Internet connection is required to run the bravo golf software. The bravo golf simulator  comes with 80 + courses including Augusta and 4 driving ranges with targets. .

Bravo golf simulator  features dynamic game play, up to 6 players and ultra 4k graphics. All the objects on the golf course, including grass, trees, water and flowers move as a result of the conditions in the environment, such as wind and light. The games always reproduce the physical laws of nature depending on the flight of the ball. Its as realistic as watching the shot live.

While playing, golfers  can see details about the hole, the selected club, and the players, and they also have a course map and game menu displayed on the golf screen. The bravo golf software offers players a number of practice features and different modes that are suitable for all golfers. Players can check their stats and swing videos online. The Bravo Golf app for iOS and Android offers owners  access to all these features on their smartphone.

Bravo golf simulator swing  analysis The BV21 golf simulator allows you to view  real images at impact. In the bravo golf driving range, impact analysis lets you evaluate exactly how you are striking the ball. This allows you to more easily and accurately analyze your ball striking. You can adjust your swing and see the immediate effect at the moment  of impact. See immediately data  relating to ball speed and spin following impact. The beauty of the BV21 Bravo Golf Simulator is  that you can analyze your clubhead path with real images all the way through the impact zone.

Bravo Golf  Driving Range Information

Ball Path

Ball’s flight path

Ball Trajectory

Ball Trajectory section

High Speed Camera Analysis

Ball and club analysis at impact

Targeting settings

Targeting at the desired distance

Select player

select a player for video transmission

Game time / Number of balls shot

Practice time and number of balls

Cumulative swing information

It shows the recent 5 swing distances.

Swing information analysis

Swing ball, club analysis

Swing video camera

Click camera to view swing video.


Currently selected club

Bravo Golf Game Features

Support English, German and other languages.

Full HD resolution support ( 1920 * 1080 ) and general 4:3 ratio(1280*1024), 16:9 and 16:10 ratio and 1024*1024, 3840*1024.

Full  support on  swing video to upload. The video can be found on the homepage and smart phone.

Golf ball flight, bounce on the fairway and roll on the green are all perfectly simulated.

Dynamic sound and scenery with synchronized light and shadows providing 3-D effects

We currently provide 80+ courses and are constantly adding more.

Bravo Golf software is improved through regular updates. Free to Bravo Golf owners

Support 1 Vs 1 Online Video golf matches.

Bravo Golf was developed by Game Space Co., Ltd, a global supplier of high quality consumer and commercial grade golf simulators with over 15 years of experience.

For more information, go to www.golfsimulatorsite.com or call us at 336-342-5592

What is a Golf Simulator https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/2019/10/10/what-is-a-golf-simulator/ Thu, 10 Oct 2019 14:47:52 +0000 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/?p=1344

A Closer Look at What a Golf Simulator is?

home golf simulator

What is a golf simulator? For golfers everywhere who struggle on days when they cannot get outside  to tee off, a golf simulator is the best answer. Used by many to hone their golfing skills and to play against others around the world, a golf simulator is far more than just a computerized game like you find on other game consoles. The virtual world is expanding like never before and golfers can now have a golf simulator in their homes, or even at work! Here we will look at what a golf simulator is, how they work and why they are so popular.

Not just like any other game console

First of all, it is important when better understanding what is a golf simulator to know straight off this is nothing like other game consoles or arcade games. A golf simulator for the home is a hugely highly technical machine that uses models of real golf courses that have been computerized and offers swing analysis among other things. Some use standalone golf  screens, all golf simulators use camera, IR  or  radar sensors and ultra 4K 3D graphics.

The physical features

In general, golf simulators are large, some even will need a room dedicated just to their set up. They can get as big as 15 by 20 feet! The key is to think of them as something like a home theater, something you would commit a room, or half a room to. They are made up of a video projector that sends an image to a large golf simulator  screen, with the data coming from a computer. Usually, golf simulators are enclosed so that the golfer can focus and to keep the ball inside.

When it comes to the computer system on your golf simulator, a gaming desktop works best  and then the software is installed through a internet download or a flash drive. Sometimes though there can be a stand-alone system. Then there is a turf tee area where you stand and hit the ball and a tracking system that connects to the computer and is what performs the swing  analysis. As you can see a golf simulator consists of several things.

Very much like the real thing

To use the golf simulator you step up onto the tee area known as the swing pad, properly hold the club and stand as you would at a real golf course. The golf screen will display an image of the course and you swing as you would if you were outside, at the golf  screen. That golf screen absorbs the impact of the ball, then the golf simulator sensors will calculate the shot. Golf simulators can be freestanding like skytrak and GC2, in the floor like Protee Golf and Trugolf or overhead like Vision or Bravo.

When the ball hits the screen the data gets sent to the computer and it looks at things that include trajectory, speed, angle, spin, and distance. Some simulators will offer advice on how to improve your swing. You can choose courses that you want to play from around the world, enter tournaments that others have entered, improve your golf game and change weather conditions and other factors.


When people ask about what is a golf simulator they sometimes at first imagine some kind of gaming system. It is a lot more than that and that is why prices can range from just a few hundred for the cheaper options up to five-figure simulators. If you are a real golfing enthusiast consider getting one for your home!

To learn more , go to www.golfsimulatorsite.com 

GOLF SIMULATOR GUIDE FOR 2019 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/2019/09/04/golf-simulator-guide-for-2019/ Wed, 04 Sep 2019 16:03:18 +0000 https://virtual-golf-simulator.com/?p=1301


home golf simulator


Spectrum Golf has been helping golfers setup golf simulators and golf impact screens for over 9 years. We have tested and played pretty much every home golf simulator.

Below is our Home Golf Simulator guide for 2019.

If you are thinking about purchasing a home golf simulator in 2019, you need to make a checklist of all the different factors in choosing a home golf simulator. We are going to review these factors first, then you can select the home golf simulator that best suits your needs .

1) BUDGET. Like buying a car, you are not going to look at Porsches, if you have a budget for a mustang. Golf simulators vary widely in price from 299 for a basic optishot to 50-60K for some of the commercial golf simulators. Complete golf simulator setups with golf cage, golf screen, hitting mat, computer and projector range from 2500 to 12k . Plan on spending 2-4k on all of the golf simulator components to complete your home  golf simulator.

2) SPACE DIMENSIONS. Here is where Spectrum Golf can really help. Just email us your space dimensions where you want to install your home golf simulator plus pictures and let us provide you with a free layout. We can give you golf cage, golf screen and golf mat options. We can even tell you what golf simulator will work in your space. We can even do custom golf simulator cages to fit basically any space. We specialize in golf simulators in garages, rec rooms and basements.

3) HOME GOLF SIMULATOR SYSTEMS. Golf simulators fall into 3 basic catagories.


protee golf simulator

These include optishot golf and protee golf. They feature sensors built into the hitting mat. These home golf simulators work by picking up the movement of the golf club back and thru the ball. Optishot Golf features 16 sensors in their optishot mat and Protee golf features 101 sensors. Protee golf actually picks up the ball as well. These indoor golf simulators are entry level. The advantages are cost, and ease of setup. The disadvantages are 1) the golf mat can wear out and may need to be replaced. 2) its a permanant installation and 3) you need 14-15 ft for LH/RH setup.

PORTABLE GOLF LAUNCH MONITORS. These portable golf simulators have recently been improved to include ball and club data. Skytrak golf and Optishot Ball flight are our two golf launch monitors. These golf launch monitors typically pick up the ball only. The optishot ball flight picks up the ball and club. You also get a real time video of your ball impacting the club with optishot ball flight golf launch monitor. Higher end golf launch monitors like Foresight GC2 and Trackman can run into the 15-20K range.

optishot ballflight launch monitor

Skytrak Golf runs 1995 and the new Optishot Ball Flight runs 5995. Advantages of the golf launch monitor include portability, easy to switch between RH/LH, and ability to take to range or course. Golf launch monitor disadvantages are  1) limited club data, 2) some need subscriptions, and 3) shot delay.



These are the new breed of indoor golf simulators. Technology has come along way on these advanced indoor golf simulators. They allow you the freedom to just drop the ball on the mat and hit. All without having to put the ball on a golf sensor mat or in front of a golf launch monitor. The golf simulators work with high speed cameras to track ball and club data. These are the ultimate home golf simulators. 10 years aog you would need to spend 40-50 k to get this level of technology. Today these overhead golf simulators start at under 8000 dollars. Optishot Vision is the latest golf simulator from Optishot. Optishot Vision features 3 high speed cameras to give you complete ball and club data. The optIshot vision mounts 9-10 ft above the ball. Optishot Vsion retails for 9100. Another exciting overhead golf simulator is Bravo Golf. The bravo golf simulator features 2 high speed camera and IR tracking to capture complete ball and club data. The bravo golf unit mounts 9-10 ft above and 5 ft back from the golf. It tracks the data from behind the golf. The bravo golf simulator retails for 6995. ADVANTAGES of the overhead golf simulator is 1) ease of use-just drop the ball and hit 2) complete ball and club data 3) same technology as the commercial golf simulators at a fraction of the price. DISADVANTAGES 1) might be pricey for some 2) need 10 ft ceilings 3) not portable.


golf cage and golf enclosure

Choosing the right golf simulator cage is the most tricky part of setting up a golf simulator. Most golf simulator companies try and sell you a “One size fits All ” golf cage and golf screen and hope it works. Most of these “One size fits All ” golf cages are typically too small, do not have enough side and top protection and are drop shipped from the manufacturer. At Spectrum Golf, We take a different approach on golf cages and  golf enclosures. We customize the golf cage to fit your specs and needs. Here is a list of questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a golf cage

1) Where do I want to install the golf cage and golf screen? Remember, BIGGER IS BETTER. Most of these golf cages and golf screen are way too small. Some are 7 x 8 and 8 x 8. Ideally you need a 10 wide x 9 high space for a golf cage. We can even make the golf screen same size as golf enclosure. Nobody complains about having a  too big  golf screen .

2) What is the best Golf screen material? Am I hitting a ton of golf balls? Do I want it to double as a home theater? Is sound a factor? We have several golf simulator screen materials to choose from. We can even put additional padding around your golf screen.

3)   Do I need sides and top for my  Golf cage ? If you are a good golfer, you may only need 2-3 ft sides and top on your golf enclosure. If you have beginners or children playing, you may want to go with a full golf cage with 10 ft sides/top.  If you want to be able to open up the room when the golf simulator is not in use, you may want retractable curtains or angled nets that can easily be stored. We can do anything from 2 to 10 ft on the sides and top of your golf cage. Our popular golf screen frame is only 14″ deep and can be retro fitted with a wide variety of tops and sides.

Golf Cage Construction. Most of our basic golf cages are built from 3/4 metal conduit. The piping just slides into our connectors and tighten with pliers. This is a extremely economical way to build a golf cage. In addition, we have a 1 1/2 aluminum frame and our new 1 1/2 square slotted aluminum frame. The material are designed for commercial golf simulator applications.

No matter what your budget is or  how much space you have, we can design a home golf simulator to meet all your needs. We can provide only the golf simulator components you need or can put together a complete golf simulator package . Be sure to visit us at golfsimulatorsite.com , email us at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail.com or call us at 336-342-5592

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home golf simulator

In the summer months, no one is thinking about setting up a indoor golf  simulator in their house. Trust me, I get it. I live in North Carolina where we can play outdoor golf literally year round. The last thing I want to do is set up a indoor golf simulator. Planning is the key to setting up your home golf simulator. Remember that every golf cage doubles as a home theater. Think about watching the NFL on a 144 x 108 screen. ITS AWESOME!   Here are some things to think about before it gets too cold outside to play.

Where to install your home golf simulator?

1)Garages, and  basements are the most popular spots for a indoor  golf simulator . A typical 1 car garage is 12 ft wide x 24 ft deep.  This is  the perfect size to install a home golf simulator. Keep in mind a few things about the garage.  the garage door opener and frame can come into play on setting up your golf cage. Measure from back wall to end of garage frame and to the garage door opener. Make sure you have 10 ft or more. The garage opener might need to be removed. Also check the ceiling height. 9 ft or more work best on most golf cages. If you live in an extreme climate , you may have to provide a heat source for your  garage golf simulator. You dont want to leave expensive computers and projector in temps below freezing. You will need some type of padded carpet on the floor. We use a great indoor/outdoor carpet from lowes that can just be taped to the floor. The weight of the golf cage and golf mats will hold it place. If you ever move, you can just roll it up and take it with you.

2) Basements are another popular place for a home golf simulator. The biggest issue with basements is usually ceiling height. Check to make sure you have 9 or more for your golf cage.

3) Most homes now have rooms with vaulted or sloped ceilings. The extra height provides a perfect spot for a home golf simulator. There are some challenges working with sloped ceilings including putting the hitting mat in the maximum height area and making sure the golf cage in centered and properly fits.

To make sure you get the most out of your home golf simulator, email us some rough dimensions and pics of your space. We will provide a free layout of ho we would optimze your space for a  indoor golf simulator .

Which home golf simulator is best for me?

This is the most important aspect of building a  indoor golf simulator.

Buying a golf simulator is a lot like buying a car. Everyone has a different list of priorities they want with a home golf simulator and of course, a budget. Let run down a list of questions you need to ask yourself when considering a home golf simulator.

1) Are you more interested in play courses with friends and family or more interested in working on your swing

2) With your home golf simulator, are you more interested in club data or ball data? or both?

3) Do you want RH/LH setup or just RH?

4) Do you want your indoor golf simulator to be portable? Be able to take to range?

5) And of course, do you have a budget?

Technology in indoor golf simulators is now moving into the camera and radar based systems. The older golf simulators with sensors in the hitting mat are being replaced with portable golf  launch monitors like Skytrak Golf and the new Optishot BallFlight. For the higher end golf simulators, Optishot Vision and Bravo Golf feature camera based systems that mount overhead. These home golf simulators also provide real time video of your club impacting the ball. In addition , these indoor golf simulators allow more freedom on where to place the ball. No more having to place it on one spot on a sensor mat. Now you can just drop the ball and swing away.

6) What is the cost of the home golf simulator?

Optishot Golf and Protee Golf are still extremely popular options for your home golf simulator. Prices start at 299 for a Optishot 2 golf simulator to 9100.00 for the Optishot Vision overhead system. Email us your budget and we will give you all the options available to build your ultimate home golf simulators.

Complete packages with golf cage, golf impact screen, golf mat, computer, sensors, software and projector start at around 2500 and go up to 14-15k


If you want to save big bucks, summer is the time to purchase your home golf simulator. We typically have anywhere from 10 -25% of all golf simulator components in the summer. Since its off season for us, discounts are always available  on most golf simulators. Checkout golfsimulatorsite.com for more details.

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Optishot Ballflight

Trio Tracking Technology in a Portable Golf Launch monitor

optishot ballflight

Optishot golf has just launched a revolutionary new golf launch monitor that rivals golf launch monitors costing 2-3 times more. The Optshot Ballflight is a metal freestanding golf launch monitor that combines high speed camera, radar and IR technolgy in 1 unit. No other golf simulator can compare.

optishot ballflight

Optishot Ballflight also features real time video of your club at impact. Thats right, a actual video of your club hitting the ball after every swing.

Golf simulator Industry’s Only TRIO-TRACKING Technology

Optishot Golf Ballflight data:

Total Distance

Carry Distance

Ball Speed

Back Spin


Vertical Launch Angle

Horizontal Launch Angle

Club Speed

What Is Included with the Optishot Ballflight

Course Software (Download, included at no extra charge)

Carrying Case

Golf Ball Marker Tool

USB Connection Cable (Requires USB3.0)

Screw-Adjustable Legs

Optishot Ballflight Additional Features:

Indoor / Outdoor Use

Full Course Play

Stroke Play and Putting

Infrared Camera Trigger

Radar Club Data

Camera Technology

BallFlight Courses

Bro Hof Stadium

Bro Hof Castle

London G.C. The Heritage

London G.C. The International

Black Mountain

Detroit GC

Firestone CC

Pebble Beach SWG

Spanish Bay SWG

Spyglass Hill SWG

Ullna SWG

Warwick Hills

Optishot Golf BallFlight is an outstanding value at 5995.00 . This includes all software and golf courses. No subscriptions to buy. Optishot Golf is developing new golf courses and will be available, free of charge, to optishot ballflight owners.  To get this amount of data and performance in a golf simulator, you would have to spend 12-15k with the nearest competitor.


World Famous Pebble Beach is included

Optishot Golf Ballflight Gameplay

The Optishot Golf Ballflight attaches to your computer thru a usb 3.0 cable and has a seperate power cord. The ball is placed 18-22 inches in front of the unit. The ball on the screen will turn green  and the light on the unit will turn green when its ready to hit. Since the  Ballflight is in a all metal case. it is well protected from errant shots. Being 18 inches away also lessens the chance of hitting the unit. Once you hit the ball, there is no lag time , you will see the shot instantly on the screen. Graphics are smooth and dynamic. With Optishot Golf Ballflight, you can play an entire round of golf. The ballflight will pick up full shots, pitches, chips and putts. There are a wide array of game options as well. As well as a driving range and closest to the pin and long drive challenges.

We have done some limited testing on the optishot ballflight. Accuracy and club data are extremely accurate with the trio tracking technology. We have had several golfers test the Optishot Golf Ballflight and their distance, launch angle and shot shape are consistent with hitting outside. The Optishot Golf Ballflight will show hooks, draws, slices, fades, low shots, hight shots and straight shots. Stay tuned for more data on the Optishot Golf Ballflight.

Golfsimulatorsite.com can design a indoor golf simulator package with the Optishot Golf Ballflight. Contact us  at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail. com or 336-342-5592 for details.

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Optishot Vision is the latest addition to the optishot golf simulator family. Optishot Vision is a 3 camera overhead golf simulator system that eliminates the need for floor sensors. With Optishot vision, the golfer is not restricted on the set spot to place the ball. In addition, you can hit of off a variety of different turfs with the  Optishot Vision.  No need to build a base to raise the mats level with the golf simulator sensor. With Optishot Vision you can hit off of any mat. The Optishot Vision overhead sensor mounts approx 9-11 ft high and is connected to the computer with 5 cables. 2 are power cords and 3 connect the optishot vision cameras. The Optishot Vision sensor weighs approx 20lb and mounts with 4 bolts. In addition there are 3 halogen lights on the Optishot vision sensor. These point directly down onto the hitting area.  The Optishot vision can mount to a golf simulator frame or ceiling, depending on your application. Distance to screen is not restricted like other golf simulators. Typically its in the 9-11 ft range. Computer connections with the Optishot vision include  1 ethernet and 2 usb 3.0 connections.  When you purchase the Optishot vision from us, we highly recommend  you purchase the computer as well. We pre load and setup the entire computer with all of  the Optishot vision software and drivers. That way, when you get it all of the Optishot vision features and courses are ready to go.  Remote support is available thru teamviewer on the Optishot vision.


Now lets play golf with the Optishot vision golf simulator! Once you power up the sensors and computer, you will see a bunch of small red lights on  the front part of the Optishot vision sensor. This box holds the 2 front high speed cameras. On the back of the Optishot vision sensor is an external camera and right behind that is 2 smaller halogen lights and a larger halogen light in the middle. To use the Optishot vision, you just place the ball in the ” kill box “, a green box on the bottom of the screen will tell you the ball is placed correctly.

Optishot vision comes with 65 world famous golf courses all in stunning ultra HD imaging and 3 driving ranges.  What really separates Optishot vision from the competition is real time ball tracking. After every swing, with the Optishot vision, you will see an actually real time video of your club striking the ball. In addition you will get complete ball and club data with the  Optishot vision. To get this amount of club and ball data with actual real time video, you would need to spend 25-40K . With the Optishot vision, its only 9100.00.

Here is the data you get with the Optishot Vision:



Shot distance

Side Spin

Back Spin

Ball Speed

Club Speed

Smash factor

Launch angle

Face angle

attack angle

In addition, there is no shot delay with the Optishot vision. You can play a round of golf with up to 8 players . Swing video, shot history, and club fitting data is also available  with the Optishot vision.


With Optishot vision, you get complete ball and club data including swing path, face andle and whether you fade or draw the ball. See the screen shot above.

optishot golf

Checkout all the swing data you get with the optishot golf simulator

Optishot golf’s new Vision is available at golfsimulatorsite.com. Stay tuned for more data on the optishot vision and Optishot ballflight.