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Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator

Spectrum Golf can design a  golf simulator system to fit your exact space requirements. Home golf simulators can be customized to fit in your garage, family room, basement or office. Custom golf simulators are also used in commercial applications such as bars, pro shops, clubhouses, and golf simulator businesses .
Designing a custom golf simulator is easier than you think.  Fill out the golf simulator custom design form below and send us a rough sketch of the room, pictures and rough dimensions.  Give us a couple of days and we will email you back a quick layout.

For a custom golf simulator quote, please fill out the form below. We can even provide you with a detailed drawing of the golf simulator layout. In most instances, a custom simulator costs no more than a stock simulator. lead time ranges from 3-10 days on custom work. If you have a drawing you want to submit, email it to


-ROOM TYPE note if this is going into a family room, rec room, garage or basement. Keep in mind that the projector and computer need to be in a heated/cooled environment. Minimum ceiling height is 9 ft. Let us know is you have vaulted ceilings. Keep in mind that protee and trugolf will raise the floor up 3 inches.

We can setup a simulator system for right hand only or both left and right hand. For RH/LH , you need a minimum of 15 ft on most simulator systems. On optishot we can do a LH/RH in 10 feet width. !0 ft is the minimum width. 12 ft is ideal as it allows you to center the golf sensor more.

The flooring on your golf simulator should be carpeted to prevent balls from bouncing around. We can recommend a good indoor/outdoor carpet and only needs to be attached with carpet tape. We do have 6 ft wide putting greens that sit between the screen and sensor.

Most projectors mount to the ceiling with a 1 x 4 board used as an mounting plate for the projector mount. Our projectors mount 9-12 feet from the screen. With the 1 1/4 dia golf simulator frame system, the projector can mount to the frame. We also have a floor mount projector that sits between the screen and golfer. This projector box requires a ultra short throw projector. Great for high ceilings and sloped ceilings.

The electrical outlet should be on the right side of the golf simulator frame. A single outlet with a dedicated breaker works best. Use a 5 plug surge protector. The projector, computer, speakers, sensors and/or  monitor will need to be plugged in. Internet connection is required for trugolf, protee and skytrak.

Side Walls and Top. You need to decide if you want sides and top on your golf simulator. We can do no sides and sides up to 10 ft deep. We even have a curtain track system with retractable curtains. Most of our golf frames are freestanding and can be as little as 14 inches deep.

**VARIANCES. If you have anything that might effect the golf simulator frame like a door, ceiling fan. duct work, overhead light, window, garage door, circuit box, please note that under Variances.

We can customize the size of the golf cage, golf impact screen, golf panels, golf mats and golf nets.

Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator
Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator

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