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Golf Screen Frame- New Design-. Wrap Around Frame Design. We have improved our blackout panels for the sides and top. With our new screen frame design , we have eliminated any exposed part of the frame. The heavy duty panels now wrap around the frame  and attaches on the back side with ball bungees and sewn-in velcro. No more exposed frame, ties and insulation. Easier to setup and take down. Balls cannot get through the corners of the frame and the screen wraps around the entire frame to create a streamline design. Panels can be made up to 8.5 ft wide with 3/4 frame and up to 7 ft wide in 1 1/4 frame. Panels can be made any height and length.

Spectrum Golf sells compete golf cages, golf screen frames, golf impact screens, golf mats and golf nets.

Our standard golf cage consists of 3/4 inch steel conduit fitting, US made 4 sided golf net with rope borders, 4-6 inch ball bungees, US made nylon blackout golf panels ( optional ), Floor pads and screen pads ( optional ), and  golf screen back panels. On our indoor golf cages, you provide the 3/4 conduit and they just slide into our connectors. Our stock golf cage sizes are 10 x 10 x 10, 10 x 12 x 10 , 10 x 15 x 10 and we can make all of our golf cages 5 ft deep as well. If you have a smaller area or lower ceiling, no need to worry. We got you covered with a custom golf cage enclosure. Just go to our Custom Design page for more details . With our standard golf enclosure, the projector mounts to the ceiling or floor. Move up to our 1 /14 in aluminum golf cage for commercial or Protee/Trugolf applications. This indoor golf cage comes pre-cut, pre-measured and pre-drilled and the entire golf cage assembles with 1 allen wrench. The projector, sensors, lights, and cameras mount directly to the golf cage. The ultimate golf cage.

For smaller golf simulator applications, look at our golf screen frame. This golf cage is completely freestanding and is only 14 inches deep. It a perfect indoor golf cage for a basement. garage or rec room. Takes up little space. This golf screen frame comes in 105 inches high and widths up to 12 ft. We can even add, 2, 3, 4, or 5 ft side walls and top to this indoor golf cage. Perfect for optishot of sktrak.


Our standard commercial grade golf mat is 5 x 5 with 3/4 in rubber backing with approx 5/8 thick turf top. We use this golf mat in most of our golf simulator setups including optishot, skytrak, protee and trugolf.  We can set this golf mat up for RH only or 2  5 x 5 golf mats for RH/LH setups.

THE  REAL FEEL GOLF MAT   takes a real tee. This golf mat is the ultimate in high end golf mats. Super plush and allows the golfer to hit down on the ball like playing outside. This golf mat is approx 1 5/8 thick and carries a 1 year warranty. We typically use this mat with skytrak.

OPTISHOT PADDED GOLF MAT is a “MUST HAVE” with the optishot golf simulator. One of the biggest issues with the Optishot is the thin ( 3/8″ ) turf top. This top is held in place with  velcro. If you have ever come in steep on your Optishot, and jammed your wrists, you will love our new thicker optishot golf mat.  Over time, the optishot turf top will loosen and start to rip. With our padded golf mat design and 1 1/2 inch thick top ( 3 times as thick as the stock top )  you will now be able to hit down and compress the ball without fear of jamming your wrists. Our stock mat is 60 x 60 and is available in RH/LH setup. P3PROSWING also available

CUSTOM GOLF MATS. spectrum golf can design a golf mat to work with any of the golf simulator systems including protee, trugolf, p3proswing, optishot and skytrak. We even have raised rubber bases for trugolf and protee golf simulators .

GOLF NETS AND GOLF PANELS. We carry a wide selection of indoor golf nets, golf panels and golf practice nets All of our golf nets are made right here in the USA. Our indoor golf nets are 1 inch squared netting with a HD rope border. Most of our golf nets are black, but green is available. In 6 plus years, we have never had a golf net fail or rip! All of our golf nets carry a 1 year warranty . All of out golf nets attach to the golf frame with ball bungees or nylon ties. We stock the follow golf nets. We can do a custom golf net. Lead time varies between 2-3 weeks on custom indoor golf nets. See CUSTOM DESIGN page for more details.

10 x 10 x 10
10 x 12 x 10
10 x 15 x 10
5 x 10 x 10
5 x 12 x 10
5 x 15 x 10
10 x 10 with angled sides
10 x 11 angled side golf net
10 x 10 golf net panel
10 x 12  golf net panel
10 x 15  golf net panel

Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator
Spectrum Golf, Virtual golf simulator, Skytrak simulator , Optishot simulator
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