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Beginners Guide to Golf Launch Monitors

A Look at the Top Golf Launch Monitors

optishot ballflight launch monitor

For players wanting to improve their golf game, the best purchase you can make for your indoor golf simulator is a personal launch monitor. Whatever the season or weather you can keep practicing and keep improving with a top golf launch monitor. There are many options out there, some stationary, some portable and at various price ranges too. Here is a list with a launch monitor to suit every need of the top launch monitors to date.

Covered in the article will be;

  • The top portable launch monitor
  • The top professional launch monitor
  • The top personal home launch monitor
  • The top affordable launch monitor

Top portable launch monitor

When you are looking for a portable launch monitor  one of the standouts is Skytrak Golf . It is a great option for when you want to get a better insight into ball data and being small in size it is something you can easily carry around, in your golf  bag, or car  for example. The skytrak launch monitor features include;

  • Accurate readings
  • Lightweight
  • Radar sensors
  • Practice modes
  • golf course play
  • Data on ball spin rate, ball distance and ball speed

The skytrak golf monitor retails for 2000. The skytrak golf comes with the basic driving range. If you want to add golf course software, its is mostly subscription based. We strongly recommend the TGC software with over 150,000 courses. Skytrak golf is the perfect entry levle golf launch monitor.


Top professional launch monitor

Foresight Sports GC2 Golf launch monitor stands out as the best golf launch monitor for professional golfers and those very serious about the game. Some of the top golfers have used this golf launch monitor to train on because of its ball feedback and top accuracy. That is because it has been specifically made for professional golfers. Features include;

  • Accurate ball data including speed, angle, spin, carry and a lot more
  • Built-in display
  • A wide selection of software can be additionally purchased starting at 3000.


Foresight GC2 can get expensive. Retail is 8500 and that is without any software. The software can run 3-5k depending on the number of golf courses you want. If you want club tracking, you need to buy the GC2 module for another 4k. With the Foresight GC2, you can easily spent 12-15k.

Top personal home launch monitor

Golfing enthusiasts are very positive about the new Optishot Ball Flight golf launch monitor. Optishot Ballflight  offers trio tracking technolgy featuring high speed camera, IR and radar to track the club and ball. This is the only golf launch monitor to feature all three.  Players consider it a best golf launch monitor with features such as;

  • Great accuracy
  • Actual real time video of your club impacting the ball
  • Club and ball data at 1/2 the price of other golf launch monitors
  • Total Distance, Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Back Spin, Distance, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Club Speed

Optishot Ball Flight retails for 5995 and offers alot of the feature the higher end systems provide at a fraction of the cost.

Top affordable launch monitor

There are some very high tech and pricey options when it comes to home golf simulators and preferred golf launch monitors. To choose the righ golf launch monitor, you need to look at several factors

1) Budget. Can range from 2000 on a skytrak golf launch monitor to 18-25K for a Trackman golf launch monitor

2) Are you looking for more ball analysis with your golf launch monitor or do you want to be able to play golf courses with your friends?

3) Is ball or club data more important to you . Most golf launch monitors measure ball and then calculate the club data based on what the ball does. Most home golf simulator systems measure the club and then calculate ball data. Keep in mind that both golf simulators will show slices, fades, hooks and draws. They just measure them different ways .


The launch monitor that is best for you depends on what you can afford, what you are aiming for, and what data you want from it. There is a best golf launch monitor for everyone! Contact us at for the best option for you on golf launch monitors

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