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What is a Golf Simulator

A Closer Look at What a Golf Simulator is?

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What is a golf simulator? For golfers everywhere who struggle on days when they cannot get outside  to tee off, a golf simulator is the best answer. Used by many to hone their golfing skills and to play against others around the world, a golf simulator is far more than just a computerized game like you find on other game consoles. The virtual world is expanding like never before and golfers can now have a golf simulator in their homes, or even at work! Here we will look at what a golf simulator is, how they work and why they are so popular.

Not just like any other game console

First of all, it is important when better understanding what is a golf simulator to know straight off this is nothing like other game consoles or arcade games. A golf simulator for the home is a hugely highly technical machine that uses models of real golf courses that have been computerized and offers swing analysis among other things. Some use standalone golf  screens, all golf simulators use camera, IR  or  radar sensors and ultra 4K 3D graphics.

The physical features

In general, golf simulators are large, some even will need a room dedicated just to their set up. They can get as big as 15 by 20 feet! The key is to think of them as something like a home theater, something you would commit a room, or half a room to. They are made up of a video projector that sends an image to a large golf simulator  screen, with the data coming from a computer. Usually, golf simulators are enclosed so that the golfer can focus and to keep the ball inside.

When it comes to the computer system on your golf simulator, a gaming desktop works best  and then the software is installed through a internet download or a flash drive. Sometimes though there can be a stand-alone system. Then there is a turf tee area where you stand and hit the ball and a tracking system that connects to the computer and is what performs the swing  analysis. As you can see a golf simulator consists of several things.

Very much like the real thing

To use the golf simulator you step up onto the tee area known as the swing pad, properly hold the club and stand as you would at a real golf course. The golf screen will display an image of the course and you swing as you would if you were outside, at the golf  screen. That golf screen absorbs the impact of the ball, then the golf simulator sensors will calculate the shot. Golf simulators can be freestanding like skytrak and GC2, in the floor like Protee Golf and Trugolf or overhead like Vision or Bravo.

When the ball hits the screen the data gets sent to the computer and it looks at things that include trajectory, speed, angle, spin, and distance. Some simulators will offer advice on how to improve your swing. You can choose courses that you want to play from around the world, enter tournaments that others have entered, improve your golf game and change weather conditions and other factors.


When people ask about what is a golf simulator they sometimes at first imagine some kind of gaming system. It is a lot more than that and that is why prices can range from just a few hundred for the cheaper options up to five-figure golf simulators. If you are a real golfing enthusiast consider getting one for your home!

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