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Bravo Golf. 2 Camera Overhead System

The Bravo Golf Simulator uses a 2 high speed camera overhead golf simulator system.

No more hitting off of a sensor mat. Allows you the freedom to drop the ball and swing away!

bravo golf sensor


Bravo golf has just completed the software integration with TGC ( The golf club game ) . The final phase is just about complete. TGC will add over 150,000 golf courses to the bravo golf simulator in adition to the 75 already on the system. Bravo golf does not have any subscriptions or any lag between shots.

The Bravo Golf Simulator sensor features 3-dimensional tracking of ball flight, enabling players to measure their shots with 99.9% accuracy. The Bravo golf   sensors track ball speed, club speed, trajectory, azimuth, back spin, and side spin allowing players to enjoy a realistic golf experience, as well as to analyze and improve different parts of their golf swing and game . After every swing, the bravo golf simulator  provides a real time video of your club impacting the ball. Golfers can also utilize one or two cameras on the bravo golf simulator  to check their swing data  using a swing replay function, which lets them analyze their swing from multiple angles and compare it to that of a professional golfer.

The bravo golf simulator mounts overhead at 9-10 ft and 5-6 ft behind the ball. The bravo golf sensor can easily be mounted to a golf cage or ceiling. A halogen light is also required at 1 meter behind the ball. The  bravo golf sensor connects with 2 ethernet cables and a power cable. Internet connection is required to run the bravo golf software. The bravo golf simulator  comes with 80 + courses including Augusta and 4 driving ranges with targets. .

Bravo golf simulator  features dynamic game play, up to 6 players and ultra 4k graphics. All the objects on the golf course, including grass, trees, water and flowers move as a result of the conditions in the environment, such as wind and light. The games always reproduce the physical laws of nature depending on the flight of the ball. Its as realistic as watching the shot live.

While playing, golfers  can see details about the hole, the selected club, and the players, and they also have a course map and game menu displayed on the golf screen. The bravo golf software offers players a number of practice features and different modes that are suitable for all golfers. Players can check their stats and swing videos online. The Bravo Golf app for iOS and Android offers owners  access to all these features on their smartphone.

Bravo golf simulator swing  analysis The BV21 golf simulator allows you to view  real images at impact. In the bravo golf driving range, impact analysis lets you evaluate exactly how you are striking the ball. This allows you to more easily and accurately analyze your ball striking. You can adjust your swing and see the immediate effect at the moment  of impact. See immediately data  relating to ball speed and spin following impact. The beauty of the BV21 Bravo Golf Simulator is  that you can analyze your clubhead path with real images all the way through the impact zone.

Bravo Golf  Driving Range Information

Ball Path

Ball’s flight path

Ball Trajectory

Ball Trajectory section

High Speed Camera Analysis

Ball and club analysis at impact

Targeting settings

Targeting at the desired distance

Select player

select a player for video transmission

Game time / Number of balls shot

Practice time and number of balls

Cumulative swing information

It shows the recent 5 swing distances.

Swing information analysis

Swing ball, club analysis

Swing video camera

Click camera to view swing video.


Currently selected club

Bravo Golf Game Features

Support English, German and other languages.

Full HD resolution support ( 1920 * 1080 ) and general 4:3 ratio(1280*1024), 16:9 and 16:10 ratio and 1024*1024, 3840*1024.

Full  support on  swing video to upload. The video can be found on the homepage and smart phone.

Golf ball flight, bounce on the fairway and roll on the green are all perfectly simulated.

Dynamic sound and scenery with synchronized light and shadows providing 3-D effects

We currently provide 80+ courses and are constantly adding more.

Bravo Golf software is improved through regular updates. Free to Bravo Golf owners

Support 1 Vs 1 Online Video golf matches.

Bravo Golf was developed by Game Space Co., Ltd, a global supplier of high quality consumer and commercial grade golf simulators with over 15 years of experience.

For more information, go to or call us at 336-342-5592

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