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Optishot BallFlight-First Look

Optishot Ballflight

Trio Tracking Technology in a Portable Golf Launch monitor

optishot ballflight

Optishot golf has just launched a revolutionary new golf launch monitor that rivals golf launch monitors costing 2-3 times more. The Optshot Ballflight is a metal freestanding golf launch monitor that combines high speed camera, radar and IR technolgy in 1 unit. No other golf simulator can compare.

optishot ballflight

Optishot Ballflight also features real time video of your club at impact. Thats right, a actual video of your club hitting the ball after every swing.

Golf simulator Industry’s Only TRIO-TRACKING Technology

Optishot Golf Ballflight data:

Total Distance

Carry Distance

Ball Speed

Back Spin


Vertical Launch Angle

Horizontal Launch Angle

Club Speed

What Is Included with the Optishot Ballflight

Course Software (Download, included at no extra charge)

Carrying Case

Golf Ball Marker Tool

USB Connection Cable (Requires USB3.0)

Screw-Adjustable Legs

Optishot Ballflight Additional Features:

Indoor / Outdoor Use

Full Course Play

Stroke Play and Putting

Infrared Camera Trigger

Radar Club Data

Camera Technology

BallFlight Courses

Bro Hof Stadium

Bro Hof Castle

London G.C. The Heritage

London G.C. The International

Black Mountain

Detroit GC

Firestone CC

Pebble Beach SWG

Spanish Bay SWG

Spyglass Hill SWG

Ullna SWG

Warwick Hills

Optishot Golf BallFlight is an outstanding value at 5995.00 . This includes all software and golf courses. No subscriptions to buy.  No lag between shots. Optishot Golf is developing new golf courses and will be available, free of charge, to optishot ballflight owners.  To get this amount of data and performance in a golf simulator, you would have to spend 12-15k with the nearest competitor.


World Famous Pebble Beach is included

Optishot Golf Ballflight Gameplay

The Optishot Golf Ballflight attaches to your computer thru a usb 3.0 cable and has a seperate power cord. The ball is placed 18-22 inches in front of the unit. The ball on the screen will turn green  and the light on the unit will turn green when its ready to hit. Since the  Ballflight is in a all metal case. it is well protected from errant shots. Being 18 inches away also lessens the chance of hitting the unit. Once you hit the ball, there is no lag time , you will see the shot instantly on the screen. Graphics are smooth and dynamic. With Optishot Golf Ballflight, you can play an entire round of golf. The ballflight will pick up full shots, pitches, chips and putts. There are a wide array of game options as well. As well as a driving range and closest to the pin and long drive challenges.

We have done some limited testing on the optishot ballflight. Accuracy and club data are extremely accurate with the trio tracking technology. We have had several golfers test the Optishot Golf Ballflight and their distance, launch angle and shot shape are consistent with hitting outside. The Optishot Golf Ballflight will show hooks, draws, slices, fades, low shots, hight shots and straight shots. Stay tuned for more data on the Optishot Golf Ballflight.

Golfsimulatorsite.com can design a indoor golf simulator package with the Optishot Golf Ballflight. Contact us  at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail. com or 336-342-5592 for details.

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