Protee Golf  Simulator vs Trugolf Golf Simulator- An Overview

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Protee Golf  Simulator vs Trugolf Golf Simulator- An Overview

Protee Golf  Simulator vs Trugolf Golf Simulator- An Overview

Spectrum Golf has been selling the Protee golf simulator and the Trugolf golf simulator for the past 7 years . Both of these indoor golf simulators utilize the highest quality components and the finest indoor golf simulator software.

First, Trugolf Golf Simulators.

Trugolf has just launched their new Trutrack 2.0  system with their new fiberbuilt mat.  The electric components are now in a separate housing and connects with a ribbon cable to the trutrack sensor mat. The purpose of this was to eliminate some of the ongoing issues with the old trutrack system. Misshots and “no-reads” plagued the old trugolf trutrack system. The new trutrack 2.0 is designed to eliminate these issues . Static electricity has been a ongoing issue. Trugolf suggests antistatic spray to eliminate issues. From what we have tested n the new trugolf trutrack 2.0. These misreads continue to happen.


The new trugolf golf trutrack sensor mat measures approx 34 x 12 . It features a metal base with 6 adjustable feet. The top portion is a hardened plastic fiberbuilt turf top that is  approx 3/4 inch thick.  The Trugolf sensor mat has 3 rows of 10 sensors. 30 total sensors. 2 rows behind the ball and 1 row in front of ball. The ball is placed in a circle area  3.5 x 4  inches. Underneath the trugolf trutrack sensor is the serial connector for the trutrack 2.0 control box. . The advantages of the trugolf trutrack are the metal base with adjustable feet. This makes it easier to adjust the height of your base. The Fiberbuilt top is a great addition, even though it less thick that protee golf top. The trugolf golf sensor only has 30 sensors. This is less than a 1/3 of protee golf’s  101, less than 1/2 of P3proswing’s 65. For a high end indoor golf simulator sensor, 30 sensors is on the low end. The trugolf fiberbuilt mat is suppose to hold a real tee, but we find it real wobbly in trying to accomplish that feat. works better with the rubber bottom tees that just sit on top of the trugolf sensor mat.


In addition to the trugolf golf sensor mat, trugolf utilizes 3 audio sensors that mount on the sides and top of the golf enclosures. These sensors mount approx 48 inches from the golf impact  screen. They are about 1.5 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter. These trugolf audio sensors plug into the trugolf trutrack 2.0 control box. The theory of using these is they pick up the sound of the ball hitting a golf impact screen and a baffler that sits directly behind the golf impact screen.  Somehow, the milisecond sound of the ball hitting the screen is somehow translated into ball data such as launch angle, ball spin rate and ball speed. Trugolf is the only indoor golf simulator that uses audio to pick up ball data. Most indoor golf simulators use high speed cameras. These audio microphones can be  effected by outside noise ( crowds, music , other simulators, rain, etc ). The jury is still out on whether these are effected in determining ball data.


Some of the limitations of the trugolf golf simulator lie in the dimensions of your indoor golf enclosure. The ball to screen, cage dimensions, ball to light, audio sensors, all need to be within a set parameter. This can limit the dimensions of your indoor golf simulator setup. The trugolf sensor mat needs to be centered between the side audio sensors. This requires closer to 14-15 ft if width to setup. In addition, the trugolf golf sensor needs to be 108 inches from screen in order to give clear launch angle data. If it is too close, you will get a lot of low shots from woods, driver and longer irons. Like most high end indoor golf simulators, trugolf golf simulators use a halogen light system to mount above the trugolf sensors.  If you have less than 14 ft of width and 15 ft of length, trugolf might not be for you. Email us your dimensions. .



This is the biggest asset of the trugolf golf simulator. The trugolf E6 golf software is the benchmark of golf simulator software. Outstanding ultra 4k HD graphics, dynamic gameplay, endless option , and a exceptional golf course library makes E6 software the golf simulator industry standard.  The graphics are almost better than actually being at the course. The details are awesome with different camera angle modes, weather condition, green speeds, time of day, skins, up to 8 players, wind conditions, a variety of tee boxes and many other golf simulator options . The practice area on the Trugolf  combines a driving range with a putting and chipping area. Trugolf has approx 84 courses available and they come in course packs of 12 or 15.  Trugolf has replicated some of the world’s finest golf courses. Trugolf golf also has E6 connect which is a cloud based feature that allows you to subscribe to  online leagues, online tournaments, free courses and player stats. There is an additional cost for this feature. Trugolf has moved away from their old dongle security golf simulator setup to a cloud based system This requires your computer to be connected to the internet to verify your license, and get updates. The software needs to be downloaded from the trugolf website. Depending on your internet speed, this can take up to an hour and several attempt if your intenet fades in and out. A disk would be helpful, but trugolf doesn’t supply those. If you change computers or sell your trugolf system, you will need to contact trugolf to convert your license.


Trugolf does offer outstanding customer support. They are able to do remote supports on any trugolf system that is online. This feature allows tech support access to your computer without you being on the phone with them. Some of the issues we have had over the years with Trugolf have centered around changing operating systems. When windows goes from Windows 7 to 8, or 8 to 10, there always seems to be some glitches in the Trugolf E6 software. If you have your computer setup with a version of windows that is working great with Trugolf, dont mess with it! Updating windows can cause some potential glitches and headaches.  The misreads on the trugolf golf simulator has always been an issues as well. Only having 30 sensors compared to other indoor golf simulators having 2-3 times as many for a lower price point is a minus. The effectiveness of the audio sensors on the trugolf golf simulator has always been a questions mark. The trugolf golf simulator is like an old italian sports car, when it is working its fantastic, but when its not, its frustrating.


The protee golf simulator  is our most popular high end indoor golf simulator and for good reason. The protee golf simulator base features 101 sensors ( most in the golf simulator industry ), a fiberbuilt turf top, and up to two high speed cameras. The protee golf simulator base measures approx 23 x 12. The protee golf fiberbult top is 1 1/4 inches thick. A 1/2 thicker than the trugolf top.  The power and serial cable come out the back. The protee fiberbuilt top can be easily replaced. There is a rubber tee holder on the protee golf mat that can hold a real tee. With 101 sensors, the protee golf simulator can provide up to 17 different ball and club factors after every swing. In addition, the protee golf simulator features up to 2 high speed cameras to track ball data such as launch angle and ball spin rate.


Unlike Trugolf, there are very little space restrictions with the protee golf simulator. The  protee golf simulator can be installed in indoor golf simulator setups as small as 10 x 10 x 10. The only challenge with the protee golf simulator is the camera setup distance on the vertical camera. The protee camera typically sets up 7 ft from ball. This might be a challenge on smaller golf enclosures. Typically on smaller golf cages, we set the camera overhead. The protee golf simulator does not require any special bafflers or distance from screen. The protee golf simulator does require the halogen light overhead. With 2 cameras and 101 sensors, the  protee golf simulator is the most accurate indoor golf simulator we sell. All at a price less than Trugolf golf simulator.


Protee golf uses 2 golf simulator software programs. The portal courses are the standard protee courses that come with every protee golf simulator. There are about 80 courses to play. Great graphics, dynamic game play and plenty of options. The plus side of the protee portal courses is you do not need internet to play them. The other golf simulator software is The Golf Club Game, ( TGC ). This golf simulator software features outstanding Ultra 4k HD graphics, dynamic game play and yes, OVER 100, 000 golf courses to choose from!  Plus, with TGC, you can play in online leagues, tournaments and keep track of your player stats. With protee golf and TGC, you will never have to buy another golf simulator course again. Once you own the software, there are no subscription fees or membership fees. TGC is the ultimate golf simulator software. In addition, there is a golf course editor where you can design and build your own golf course and publish it on the internet.


1) EASE OF SETUP– The nod goes to protee golf due to less restrictions on space requirements and smaller footprint. Protee doesnt require a baffler behind the golf impact screen. PROTEE GOLF

2) GOLF COURSE SOFTWARE– This is a tough one. I give E6 golf  the edge on game and player options, both are equal on graphics and gameplay, The edge goes to E6 golf on the practice area. Protee golf has 100,000 courses and no subscription fees. TIE

3) DEPENDABILITY– Protee is easier to setup and is less sensitive to static electricity and outside noise.  Less issues and less unregistered shots. Computer updates seem s to be less of a concern with Protee golf. PROTEE GOLF

4) SUPPORT. Both protee golf and trugolf have outstanding customer support. Remote support is available on both indoor golf simulator systems. TIE 

4) ACCURACY– Protee golf  has 101 sensors and up to 2 cameras. Trugolf has 30 sensors and 3 audio microphones. PROTEE GOLF

5) VALUE– Protee golf costs, on average, about a 1000-1200 less than Trugolf for a comparable indoor golf simulator package. PROTEE GOLF

6) SENSOR– Both Protee golf and Trugolf use the fiberbuilt mat. Protee golf is a 1/2 in thicker. The Trugolf golf sensor is approx 12 inches longer and has a metal base with adjustable feet. TIE

Overall the Win goes to Protee Golf. Accuracy, realism, dependability and value make Protee golf simulators the benchmark of the indoor golf simulator market. Plus 100k golf courses, is just icing on the cake!

To find out which indoor golf simulator system would work best for your application, contact us at or call us at 336-342-5592. Visit us on the web at


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