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Protee golf  is  the ultimate in indoor golf simulators. Protee golf  combine laser golf club tracking with high speed ball tracking thru  high speed  cameras to give you the most complete swing and ball  data in the indoor golf simulator market.

Lets start with the protee golf sensor. It features a built-in fiberbuilt grass top that almost an 1  inch thick, Dont be fooled by cheap velcro/taped on turf tops, Protee golf  uses only the best turf available. When you hit down on the ball, the protee golf turf top will absorb the impact of the club Other indoor golf simulators require the turf to be replaced yearly, with  Protee golf, your fiberbuilt top should last several years. Its like hitting outside on fresh turf!

Next on the Protee golf sensor is the # of sensors. Protee golf  has 101 sensors to track the club and ball. The most in the indoor golf simulator industry. By comparison, Trugolf simulators only has 30 sensors. Less than a third of the Protee golf ‘s 101. But, protee golf did not stop there,  protee golf  adds up to 2 high speed cameras ( one vertical and 1 horizontal ) to measure ball data. Protee golf  gives you the most complete swing data on the indoor golf simulator market. Most indoor golf simulators only measure the golf ball or the club. Protee golf  does both! After every shot on the Protee golf , a new screen appears showing 17 different swing data including an actual image of your club at impact. Ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, ball spin rate, smash factor, face angle and carry to name a few on the Protee golf .


The Protee golf  uses 3 separate sofware  programs to operate. The protee golf  interface is the program that connects the sensor to the software, it also allows you to diagnose the sensors and setup the high speed camera. If a sensor on the Protee golf  is blocked, the interface will tell you the exact one. The protee golf  interface allows you to switch between the TGC software and the portal courses with one click.  The protee golf  interface remains open and in the background while the other protee golf software is running. This is the first program you open to run your Protee golf sensor.  All of our Protee golf systems come with the portal courses. These are the original protee golf courses and there are 85 of them including 2 driving ranges. Theses can be played offline on your protee golf system. The hottest indoor golf simulator software is The Golf Club Game.

By using  The Golf Club Game ( TGC ) on your  Protee golf system, you are getting access to over 100,000 golf courses. HD 4K graphics, dynamic game play and access to all of the world’s best golf courses ( Augusta, Pebble Beach, St Andrews and many more )

On the TGC menu, just type in the golf course you want to play and dozens of versions will show up. On your Protee golf system , you can design and build your own golf course with the TGC online golf course editor. In addition, you can sign up for online leagues, tourneys and keep track of all your TGC stats under player profiles. TGC and Protee golf are the ultimate partnership in indoor golf simulators. With most indoor golf simulator software, you get a limited number of golf courses or you have to purchase a subscription . These golf courses can cost as much as 150 each! With Protee golf , you own the software and never have to pay for a golf course again or pay a yearly subscription fee.

The Protee golf system uses a halogen light system that is mounted directly over the sensors at about 9-10 ft high. We provide all the hardware to set it up including the track, power cord, light and bulb. The halogen light just plugs in and is ready to go. The  Protee golf   base sits in a 5 x 5 mat with  rubber base underneath to raise the turf level with the protee golf base.  For RH/LH, we add a second 5 x 5 setup to make the total protee golf base 5 x 10. All of our protee golf mats and bases are precut to hold the protee golf sensor and cables. An option is to build your own protee golf base out of 3/4 plywood and 2 x 4’s. We can provide plans to build your protee golf base.

On the Protee golf system, the cameras are mounted directly over the protee sensors just in front of the ball and floor level at approx 7 ft right of the ball. The cameras mount on a Ram mount that is attached to our protee golf frame.

On our  protee golf setups, we mount everything to our golf enclosure including the camera, light, projector and screen. All of our indoor golf simulator frames are predrilled, premeasured and precut for simple installation.

Next time we will discuss how to plan and install your Protee golf system setup.

For more information, go to or email us at or call us at 336-342-5592

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