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 Planning is the key to a smooth installation



You need a  10 ft high, 10 ft wide and 10 long space in order to fit the full cage.  You can adjust the length of the cage by cutting down the conduit pipe.  The 10' height is the ideal height to swing a golf club.  If you measure the top of your swing with a driver, you might be able to go down to 9'. CAUTION.  You don't want to put your new driver into the ceiling. or have your  6'4" neighbor comes over and put a hole in your ceiling.  Make sure you have enough HEIGHT to swing a full driver. 10 ft wide is the min to fit the screen.  Your room depth might need to be as deep at 22 ft ( see Projector notes). Lighting or lack of lighting is extremely important for optimum picture quality. The less windows, the better. If you have windows, room darkening shades work well. Make sure no lights shine directly on to or over the sensors. They can provide a false reading. If you are right handed. All of your electrical components will be on the right side as well. Make sure you have a dedicated outlet with surge protection on that side. move the computer behind or off to the side of the net to prevent any stray balls from hitting it. Your flooring material is important as well. Carpet works best for balls that bounce off  of the screen. If you are installing in a garage or basement, carpet is a great  investment.  


Mounting the projector is a MAJOR FACTOR in choosing the right space for your simulator.  Some projectors need to be installed as much as 22 ft back ( from the hitting screen) in order to project the large screen image ( 140 inch diagonal). ( refer to your projector's manual for proper throw distance ). IMPORTANT. Before you purchase a projector, make sure you have enough space in order to mount it far enough back to project the large image. Our projectors only needs to be mounted 10-12' back.  Call us for details. After determining the "throw distance" we recommend mounting a 4 ft 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 board perpendicular to the screen with the center point at the proper throw distance. DO NOT MOUNT PROJECTOR UNTIL YOU TEST THE THROW DISTANCE.


1) Make sure your computer video drivers are up-to-date. Software website is www.dancindogg.com. Check the site for new courses and updates. You will need to hook your computer up to the internet.
2) We recommend using a soft flight yellow golf ball or a  rubber plastic ball . You can use a real ball, but in a tight space, they will bounce off the screen. 
3) Use real tees. Keep a pair of needle nose pliers handy to pull out the broken tees. 
4) Hook up a cable box to the projector to watch TV. Once you start watching sports/movies on the projector, you will never want to watch a regular TV again. ITS AWESOME. 
5) Buy some cheap home theater speakers for the computer and cable box. Most projectors have poor sound.   
6) Clean the sensors monthly to prevent dust build up.



1) How Accurate is the Optishot ?
True simulation uses highly scientific methods to capture impact data. Sixteen advanced optical sensors accurately measure your club through the impact zone capturing shot impact conditions and instantaneously transmitting them through the USB cable to the software.

OptiShot has been expertly tested with performance standards:
  • Club-head speed - +/- 2.0 mph
  • Face angle - +/- 1.5 degrees
  • Swing path - +/- 1.9 degrees
For the price, there is not a better value in Golf simulator software.

2) Do I need to use tape on the bottom of my clubs with the Optishot?
No, some woods that do not have a smooth reflective surface will not work as well. For example, the new adjustable drivers do not work as well. Optishot makes a driver designed for their system. Just email us and we can get you a price. If you have an older flat metallic bottom driver ( old steelhead or big bertha) that will work as well. Flat bottom blade putters work better than the 2-ball mallets type putters with Optishot.

3) How do I update the optishot software?
Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. When you open the  Optishot software, it will automatically check for updates and ask you if you want to get them. Free updates for as long as you use the software.

4) How do I get the Optishot premium course?
For the price of a video game ( 50 dollars ), you can play some of the greatest courses in the world. Just go to www.dancindogg.com  to purchase and download the premium courses. Optishot will usually email you a link after you purchase for the download. Check the optisshot site often for free optishot courses.

5) What type of lighting do I need with the Optishot golf simulator?

Because OptiShot uses infrared sensors to provide key shot data and swing analysis, it should only be used indoors as the light from the sun causes inaccurate results.

Below are some lighting guidelines.
      • OptiShot works best when used in a room with fluorescent lighting.
      • Warehouse lighting such as Sodium Vapor or Metal Halide also work very well.
      • Overhead light is generally better than light from the side of the room.
      • Avoid Incandescent, halogen, and daylight as even small indirect amounts will affect performance.
      • Shadows from objects such as the club shaft and that of the golfer also may affect performance.


Q: Can I hit real golf balls with the P3ProSwing?

A: Yes, you can hit real golf balls with the P3ProSwing. We recommend using a Practice Golf Net or Hanging Impact Screen to catch the ball as the P3ProSwing is designed for indoor use. Because the P3ProSwing reads club data, you can use real golf balls, fake golf balls and even no ball at all.

Q: Do I need special golf clubs?

A: No need for special clubs, you can use the clubs you already own.

Q: Can my game really improve with P3ProSwing?

A: Absolutely. Many golf professionals now use P3ProSwing to teach their clients. It is the fast, easy and scientific way to improve your game.  We have several examples of P3ProSwing success stories.

Q: What do you need to do to set up the P3ProSwing?

A: Here are the five steps to set up your P3ProSwing:

1.Put the CD in your computer and follow the simple directions for installing the program.

2.Plug the USB cord, from the unit, and your SmartDongle into available USB Ports on your computer.

3.Plug in the power cord into an electrical outlet.

4.Choose the program you want to use first, (Driving Range, Course, Practice Course, Putting, or Putting Game) and choose a club in the software.

5.Tape the bottom of your drivers, putters and hybrids, (click here for 30-second club taping instructions) and you're ready to play!

Q: Can I use all the clubs in my bag?

A: Absolutely. The P3ProSwing lets you use woods, irons, wedges and putter from anywhere on the course, range or green. And unlike other systems the P3ProSwing is great for irons. With the P3ProSwing you hit your iron shots right off of the Sensor Unit - you do not have to use a tee.

Q: What type of computer is required?

•Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

•2.0 Ghz multi-thread processor (dual or quad core) or 3.0 Ghz single-thread processor

•9 GB hard drive space (minimum)

•3 GB RAM required (anything less than this may work, but ball flight and program processing may be choppy/slow)

•512 MB dedicated 3D graphics card minimum (1 GB strongly recommended).   Onboard & Integrated graphics cards are not supported or recommended.

•DirectX9.0c (lastest drivers recommended)

•DirectX compatible sound card

•DVD Drive 

•2 Free USB Ports

•P3ProSwing Software Version 4.2 or greater

Q: Are Apple products supported By P3proswing?

A: Apple's OS X Operating System is not supported. If you install Windows XP, Vista, or 7 on your Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro, it may run.

Q: Does the system work for left handed golfers on P3proswing?

A: Yes. Just click on Options and check off the box for left-handed golfer. You will need a 15ft wide section for the extra stance mat.


 If you have more questions, call us at 336-342-5592 or email us at  optishotgolfsimulator@gmail.com




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