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Custom Golf Cages and Golf Enclosures
for Optishot, Trugolf, Protee, P3Proswing and Skytrak

Spectrum Golf specializes in building and designing custom golf simulator enclosures to fit your exact specs and dimensions.

When planning for a golf simulator enclosure, keep the following points in mind.

1) What is your room size? L x W x H. You need at least 9 ft of height for a golf enclosure. 10 ft works best with most golf simulator setups. Also look at location of windows, doors, ceiling fans, garage door frames, duct work and electrical. These can all effect the position of your golf cage.  If you send us a rough sketch ( even hand drawn ) we can send you a quick layout of the best place to put your golf simulator cage. Our stock golf enclosure sizes are 10, 12 and 15 ft wide. 10 ft is minimum. It can be a little cramp inside a 10 ft wide golf cage. You end up hitting 3 ft from right and 7 ft from left. If you have the space to do a 12 ft wide golf simulator, that allows you to center the ball more ( 5 from right and 7 from left ). 15 ft wide golf enclosures are for RH/LH setup.

2) Do you want side walls and top on your golf simulator cage? We can do 2,3,4,5 and 10 ft side walls and top on any of our golf cages. We even have a screen frame that has no side walls and top. If you are using an optishot that does not require a real ball, you can go with the shorter walls.  Typically, the golfer is 6-8 ft for the golf screen. With a 3 ft wall, that leaves 3-5 ft of open space to possibly shank a ball and miss the golf screen completely. With some golf simulator systems like Skytrak,  Trugolf and Protee, you need to use a real ball. Keep this in mind if you are going to let beginners use your golf simulator cage.


3) On our standard golf cages, the golf screen is typically 12 inches smaller than the golf frame. So, a 10 x 10 x 10 golf enclosure would have a 9 x 9 golf impact screen. A 12 ft wide golf cage would have a 11 x 9 golf impact screen and a 15 ft wide golf cage setup would have a 14 x 9 golf hitting screen. On our newer golf screen frame, the golf screen is the same size as the golf frame. The standard size is 120 in x 105 in tall, so the golf screen is 120 x 105 and wraps around the screen frame. The golf screen frame is only 14 inches deep.

4) Choosing the right golf simulator software and sensor is critical in which golf simulator cage you select. Each golf simulator has its limitations and minimum requirements. With Optishot golf and P3proswing, you can use just about any size of golf impact screen and golf cage. With Protee golf, 12 ft wide on the golf cage is recommended due to mounting the high speed camera that tracks the ball. Skytrak can be used in any golf simulator cage, but requires a real golf ball. Trugolf and the Trutrac 2.0 system works best in 14 ft or larger golf cage due to "centering" the accoustic sensors.

Contact us for the best way to setup your golf simulator cage.

5) Golf Cage Space. A golf enclosure can take up a lot of room. Most golfers don't have the space for a large 10 x 10 x 10 golf cage. We designed  golf frame that is completely free standing, easy to move and is only 14 inches deep. This golf frame is perfect for a rec room, basement or garage. Just push it up against a wall and its only takes up 14 in of space. This golf screen frame can come with a variety of side walls  or no walls at all. We can  go as much as 15 ft long with this golf simulator enclosure. We even have a curtain track system for the dies as well as angled golf nets that can come out from the side. 

6) Golf Cage Options.  Our standard golf cage is made from 3/4 conduit. We have an optional 1 1/4 aluminum frame that allows us to mount the projector, lights, and sensors directly to the golf frame. We have blackout panels that mount on the sides and top to block any outside light from hitting the golf simulator sensors and keeping light off of  the golf screen. We have golf screen pads for the floor and around the impact screen. 

The 6 inch wide golf screen pads create a padded frame around the impact screen. the bottom 5 ft triangle pads prevent low flying shots from hitting the bottom of the simulator cage.  


7) Golf Screen projectors. We use 2 basic short throw projectors with our golf enclosures and golf hitting screens. Both projectors are made by BENQ. We have been using them on our golf enclosures for the past 6 years with great success. Our standard projector mounts in the 9-11 ft range from the golf screen. Its ceiling mounted and connects with either a VGA cable or HDMI cable. Its has 3000 plus lumens and an outstanding HD image. All of our golf simulators can double as a home theater. The 2nd projector is an ultra short throw projector that is mounted on floor in our exclusive projector box. It typically mounts 5-6 ft from the golf hitting screen. The advantage of  this setup is no shadowing and the ease of installation. No need to drill into the ceiling to mount the projector.  If you are planning on using your own projector for your impact golf screen, be sure to check the throw distance. Some projectors have to go back as far as 18-20 ft. This will create a lot of shadowing and lack of image quality.

8) Golf Hitting Mats. All of our golf simulators require a golf hitting mat to hold the golf sensor. We precut all of our golf mats to each individual golf sensor. In addition, we sell the real feel mats that are ultra plus. These golf mats hold a real tee, just like outside. Our exclusive optishot and p3proswing padded mats are a "MUST HAVE" with your golf cage. These golf mats are 3 times as thick as the stock golf tops on the optishot and P3proswing. Allows you to hit down on the ball without fear of jarring your wrists on the stock thin golf tops. These enhance the experience of playing the optishot and p3proswing. With the Trugolf and Protee, we sell a thicker rubber base that goes under the golf hitting mat. These bases raise the mat level with the protee and trugolf sensors.

No matter what golf simulator you are interested in, we have a golf enclosure to fit your needs and requirements

Call us at 336-342-5592 or email us at optishotgolfsimulator@gmail.com


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